Developmental Girls

Ages: 7-14 Years Old

Program Overview

The Development Warriors is skills training program for developing younger players.  The program is designed to teach core skills and the emphasis is for every player to spend as much time on the ball as possible.  The program is recommended for young players who already have a keen interest in soccer and had played before.  The Development Warriors is open to girls and boys U7-U14.

The Program for the 2022/2023 season covers:

  • SAQ: Speed agility and quickness. Helps players become light on their feet and moving fluidly.
  • 1v1. Players learn to take on their opponent and keep possession of the ball.
  • Passing and receiving. Working on both feet and receiving on the back foot.
  • Ball mastery. Lots of touches on the ball (dribbling, skills, turns) and using all parts of the foot to manipulate the ball.
  • Scrimmage. Small-sided games so players can try the things they've learned 1-4.
  • Program Highlights

    • 60 minutes per clinic 
    • Twice a week 
    • 12 practices a month (no make ups) 
    • Limited enrollment 

  • Clinic Dates

    • Monday Wenesday & Friday
    • 06:00 to 7:00 pm

  • Coach

    • Andres Garcia

  • Costs

    Cost: $120 Month