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The purpose of Green Warriors Soccer is to provide and promote the practice of soccer to boys and girls, focusing on sports as a vital stage in the growth of all children. We provide the best age appropriate developmental practice for the younger players. Our goal is to allow players to excel in the proper environment and reach their highest potential both on a personal level and on a team level. We have qualified coaches to assist and facilitate the development of our young players.

We believe that the most important thing is that the players can have fun and learn with methods and practices appropriate to their age, with fun exercises that will keep them interested in the sport, as well as sportsmanship, individual and group development. Our goal is that the player can use these teachings not only on the field but also off the field.

As players join Green Warriors and reach their potential, they will be ready to tryout to the Green Warriors Premier program and become part of our teams. All of our trained coaching staff not only instructs players on how to play, but also encourages players to be respectful, to be disciplined, and to behave in a proper manner. One of our goals is to teach players to learn to work in groups and be a team player in order to achieve success in soccer and at the same time and most important, success in life.

Our training method is focused on mastering the basics of soccer (receiving, passing and shooting) and the understanding the diversity of the sport. We want our players to know they have developed the ability to dribble an opponent and then have the confidence to go and score.


2017/2018 Season Age Group Chart

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Silvermine School - Norwalk OPEN (6/18) 
White Plains - White Plains OPEN (6/18) 
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